Mad Hatter's Cookie Party

Mad Hatter's Cookie Party

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Available for Pre-Order April 1!


ALICE - Nilla cookie base with fresh bananas, cinnamon chips and Nilla cookie chunks mixed in, stuffed with caramel, and topped with a white chocolate drizzle and Nilla cookie crumbs.

MAD HATTER - Carrot Cake cookie base with carrot cake Oreo chunks and cinnamon chips, filled with cream cheese frosting and baked to perfection. Then we topped it with edible carrot cake cookie dough and covered it in a white chocolate glaze.

CHESHIRE - Lemon-berry cookie base with lemon Oreo chunks, white chocolate chips, blueberry pop-tarts, baked and filled with blue frosting. Then we topped it with a blue and yellow swirl of chocolate.

WONDERLAND - Graham cookie base with milk chocolate chips, mini teddy grahams and rainbow sprinkles mixed in, then we filled it with homemade Dunkaroo dip, topped it with edible cookie butter cookie dough, covered it in a white chocolate glaze, rainbow sprinkles and teddy grahams.

WHITE RABBIT - White Chocolate cookie base with Easter M&M's + white chocolate chips mixed in, stuffed with a whole brownie bite and baked. Then we put a full sized Cadbury egg on top and drizzled it in pink and blue chocolate.

No substitutes.